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by Maxi

Wax On,Wax Off

At Maxi beauty bar we know the struggles that come with shaving hair, which is why we offer various waxing services to maximize your convenience.

Waxing reaps many benefits:

  • Slower hair re-growth and finer hair

  • Eliminates ingrown hairs

  • Stubble free skin and smooth even skin

  • No cuts or nicks throughout your skin

Waxing Benefits


Eyebrows: $20

Lip, Chin & Cheeks: $12 each.


Underarms: $25

Full Arm: $40 each.

Lower Arm: $28 each.

Brazilian: $55

French Bikini: $39

Classic Bikini: $29

Full Leg: $66 each.

Half Leg: $40 each.

Stomach: $22

Men's Back: $55

Men's Chest: $55

Make Your Lashes & Brows Pop

Define your eyelashes and eyebrows using a semipermanent vegetable-based dye to enhance your naturally beautiful features. 



Eyelash & eyebrow tints allow you to achieve perfectly defined eyebrows and the appearance of dark, full lashes and last up to four weeks.

Get the lashes you want without applying mascara and avoid the "drawn on" eyebrow look by tinting them, we promise you'll love it.


Eyebrows: $18

Eyelashes: $29

Combined: $44

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